About The Loft At Gray Goose.

Erected in 1900 at 207 N Academy St, Janesville, The Gray Goose Building first served as the Green Brothers Leaf Tobacco Warehouse. This was not just another tobacco barn, but a pivotal space where bales of dried tobacco were brought in, packaged, and prepared for distribution.

Over the years, the building underwent various transformations, serving as a storage facility, a manufacturing unit producing golf carts, and even a production site for mini trampolines during the exercise equipment’s heyday.

2016 marked a significant chapter in its history with a comprehensive renovation led by the dedicated owners. This wasn’t a mere facelift; the renovation was extensive, stripping the building down to its studs on each floor. New interior and exterior stair structures were meticulously added, along with a modern elevator, replacing the old freight variant. Each floor was equipped with new men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Furthermore, the entire electrical and HVAC systems were overhauled, a full sprinkler system was installed on all levels, and every door and window was replaced. While the flooring throughout the building is brand new, careful attention was paid to select materials that reflected its historical essence. A nod to its rich past, the original shiplap siding on the interior walls was painstakingly removed and then reinstalled after the incorporation of modern insulation and wiring, seamlessly blending the historic with the contemporary.

The pinnacle of this transformation is The Loft At Gray Goose on the fourth floor. With its open floor plan, impressive 30-foot ceilings, and commanding views of downtown Janesville, The Loft is a space where history and modernity converge, offering a distinctive and unforgettable experience for visitors.

Since 1900 To Today

A Event Venue In Downtown Janesville, WI

Gray Goose Building From The Street

About Our Event Venue

Why The Loft At Gray Goose is Your Ideal Event Space


Affordable Elegance:
We proudly present The Loft as a haven of affordable elegance. While we don’t provide wedding attendants or on-site coordinators, this approach offers you unfettered freedom. You’re not just renting a space; you’re acquiring a canvas to craft an event that mirrors your vision, with the liberty to enlist your chosen team to bring it to life. This model is designed to extend substantial cost savings to you, liberating you from the constraints of mandatory, high-priced proprietary services that other venues might impose. 

Unique Character:
The Loft At Gray Goose radiates a captivating aura that seamlessly melds its historic 1900s appeal with modern elegance. It’s not merely an event space; it’s a warm, inviting environment that beckons guests to revel in its character, making every moment spent here delightful.

Simple, Transparent Rental Process:
Engage in a straightforward rental experience at The Loft. Secure your event date with a rental fee and a refundable cleaning deposit. We’ll provide a checklist for you to follow post-event; adhere to it to ensure the space is returned as you found it, guaranteeing a hassle-free refund of your cleaning deposit. It’s simplicity, transparency, and ease, all rolled into one process!

Flexible Service Options:
If you fancy a hands-off experience, we have a list of proficient coordinators we’d happily recommend that can handle the details of event. But if you are a hands-on organizer aiming for savings, our space is perfectly suited for DIY arrangements.

Inclusive Amenities:
Tables and chairs for up to 150 guests are included with the rental, simplifying your planning process.

Exclusive Access & Security:
Evening and weekend events at The Loft enjoy exclusive building access, including our expansive parking lot. With our co-tenants operating mainly on weekdays from 9 to 5, your event will have the privacy and exclusivity it deserves. Furthermore, we take security seriously. Surveillance cameras monitor public entryways and parking areas, while ample lighting ensures visibility. Key card access facilitates convenient entry, allowing your team to set up at any time pre-event. Depending on your event’s nature, doors and elevators can be securely locked down or made accessible as needed.

Experience the ease, flexibility, and allure of hosting your event at The Loft At Gray Goose, where your unique vision can truly come to life.



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