Special Events and Wedding Venue Agreement

Venue: The Loft at Gray Goose
207 N Academy St. Suite 400. Janesville, WI 53548

This cpage outlines the terms and conditions for the rental of The Loft at Gray Goose facilities, henceforth agreed upon by The Loft at Gray Goose (“TLGG”) and the Lessee (as mentioned below). This agreement, effective upon the signatures of both parties, embodies the entire understanding between TLGG and the Lessee and is binding. For amendments or modifications to be effective, they must be documented in writing and endorsed by both TLGG and the Lessee.

Facilities and Amenities Included:

The following facilities and amenities are included in the contract, subject to the usage times specified in the subsequent section:

  • Fourth Floor of The Gray Goose Building:
      • Exclusive access to the fourth floor of The Gray Goose Building, ensuring a private and dedicated space for the event.
  • Furnishings:
      • Tables and chairs will be provided to accommodate up to 150 guests, ensuring that all attendees have comfortable seating throughout the event.
  • Onsite Technology and Equipment:
      • The Loft at Gray Goose (TLGG) may provide amenities such as speakers, a microphone, and a TV or projector as a complimentary inclusion in the venue rental. Lessees should be aware that the use of these amenities is at their own risk. TLGG does not guarantee the functionality of this equipment and will not provide technical support during the event. In the case of equipment malfunction or non-operation, no refunds or reductions in the venue rental fees will be issued. Lessees assume full responsibility for any damages inflicted upon the equipment during the event, agreeing to bear the costs associated with necessary repairs or replacements resulting from such damages.
  • Elevator and Common Areas:
      • Access to the building’s elevator, facilitating ease of movement between floors and aiding in the logistics of setup and breakdown.
      • Lessee and guests will also have access through common areas within the building, promoting smooth flow and navigation during the event.
  • Parking Lot:
    • Non-exclusive use of the parking lot is granted. The parking area is shared, and availability is on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring accessibility and convenience for guests.


Property availability and event timing:


Building access and security:  The Gray Goose Building has electronic door locks.  The building and doors and elevator will be set to auto-unlock the day of your event for guests to access the building.   If you need to access the space before your event you will need a key card.  Each party gets 2 key cards to access the space.  After your event, the key cards must be returned to the venue.  For each card lost or not returned to the building a fee of $25/Card will be withheld from the security deposit.  The Gray Goose also has cameras located in Hallways, parking lots and common areas.  These cameras are here for your protection.  We only review camera footage in the event of a problem or damage.


Peak Season Friday Venue Rentals: Detailed Timelines and Responsibilities

Access Timing:

  • Pre-Event Access: Begin setup from 9:00 AM on Thursday.
  • Event Start Time: Kick off your event any time after 4:00 PM on Friday.

Key Timing Details:

  • Last Call for Beverages: 11:30 PM on Friday
  • Event Conclusion: All entertainment to end by 11:45 PM, with guests vacating by 12:00 
  • Immediate Clearance: Everyone must exit by 12:30 AM Saturday. AM.
  • No one is allowed in the building between 12:30 AM and 5:00 AM on Saturday.

Cleanup & Departure:

  • Return for Cleanup: Permitted from 5:00 AM Saturday.
  • Final Cleanup Deadline: Venue must be clean and reset by 8:00 AM Saturday.

By adhering to these timings, you’ll ensure a seamless and successful event at The Loft At Gray Goose. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Peak Season Saturday Venue Rentals: Detailed Timelines and Responsibilities

Access Timing:

  • Pre-Event Access: Your venue is available for setup starting at 9:00 AM on Saturday.
  • Event Start Time: You’re free to commence festivities at any chosen time on Saturday.

Key Timing Details:

  • Last Call for Beverages: 11:30 PM on Saturday.
  • Event Conclusion: Entertainment concludes by 11:45 PM, ensuring guests exit by 12:00 AM.
  • Immediate Clearance: Everyone must vacate by 12:30 AM Sunday.
  • Restricted Access: No admittance between 12:30 AM and 5:00 AM on Sunday.

Cleanup & Departure:

  • Return for Cleanup: Reentry is allowed from 5:00 AM on Sunday.
  • Final Cleanup: All cleanup activities should be completed, and the venue readied for the next event by 9:00 AM on Monday.


Peak Season Weekday Venue Rentals: Detailed Timelines and Responsibilities

Rental Timing:

  • Pre-Event Access: The venue is accessible from 10:00 AM on your booked weekdays (Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays), allowing ample time for setup and customization to materialize your envisioned event.
  • Event Start Time: Feel free to initiate your event at any chosen time post 10:00 AM, tailoring the flow of activities to your preference and convenience.

Key Timing Details:

  • Event Conclusion: Ensure the event wraps up and all guests have vacated the premises by 10:00 PM, maintaining a conducive environment for subsequent activities or events.
  • Overnight Allowances: Designated support staff are permitted to stay until 9:00 AM the following day for cleanup and collection of personal belongings.

Cleanup & Departure:

  • Return for Cleanup: Staff can resume cleanup activities early the next morning, promoting efficiency and orderliness.
  • Final Cleanup Deadline: The venue should be restored, cleaned, and prepped for the day’s reservations by 9:00 AM sharp, facilitating smooth transitions between events.


Off-Peak Weekend Rentals: Detailed Timelines and Responsibilities

Rental Timing:

  • Friday Rentals: Access is granted from noon on Friday, extending until 9:00 AM on Saturday, to accommodate your event’s diverse needs and schedules.
  • Saturday Rentals: Venue availability begins from noon on Saturday and continues up until 9:00 AM on Sunday, providing a flexible window for various event proceedings.

Key Timing Details:

  • Event Adaptability: The time frame ensures adaptability, allowing for the seamless unfolding of your event, whether it be parties, gatherings, or corporate functions.

Cleanup & Departure:

  • Friday Events: Ensuring the venue is tidied up, restored, and prepared for upcoming activities by 9:00 AM on Saturday is essential.
  • Saturday Events: Similar readiness and cleanliness should be maintained with the venue being event-ready by 9:00 AM on Sunday.


Off-Peak Weekday Rentals: Detailed Timelines and Responsibilities

Rental Timing:

  • Access: Rental privileges commence from noon on your chosen weekday, providing a spacious window for event arrangements and festivities. Your access continues undisturbed until 9:00 AM the subsequent day, ensuring flexibility for various event schedules and requirements. For illustrative clarity, a Thursday booking provides venue accessibility from Thursday noon until 9:00 AM on Friday.

Key Timing Details:

  • Continuity: This strategic timing fosters a cohesive and uninterrupted event flow, accommodating diverse event needs and dynamics, promoting a robust and satisfying event execution.

Cleanup & Departure:

  • Post-Event: A pivotal requirement is ensuring the venue is meticulously cleaned and systematically prepped for upcoming reservations by 9:00 AM, following your event’s conclusion.

Fees and Deposits 

Venue Rental:  To be determined based on event date-  5.5% Wisconsin sales tax (if applicable).

Payment Schedule:

  • A 40% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.
  • The remaining balance, inclusive of all taxes, rental fees, miscellaneous services, and a $500 damage deposit, is due 160 days before the event date.
  • For events scheduled within 160 days of the event date, full payment is due at the time of booking.

Default on Payment:

  • Failure to complete the payment within the designated time frame may result in the cancellation of the event and forfeiture of the initial deposit.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of the event by the Lessee requires a notice of 160 days or more prior to the scheduled event date to facilitate a refund, from which a $250 booking fee will be retained as a service charge. Cancellations notified less than 160 days in advance will not be eligible for a refund.

  • Lessee Cancellation:
      • 160 Days or More: Cancellations made 160 days or more prior to the event will be refunded the deposit, less a $250 booking fee.
      • Less Than 160 Days: No refunds will be provided for cancellations made less than 160 days prior to the event date.
  • Vendor Cancellation:
      • The Loft At Gray Goose reserves the right to nullify the contract and cancel the event for reasons such as facility unavailability or other unforeseen circumstances. A full refund will be issued in such cases.
  • Refund Processing:
      • Any applicable refunds will be processed and dispatched within 14 days following the receipt of the Lessee’s cancellation notice.
  • Right of Termination:
      • The Loft At Gray Goose reserves the right to terminate the contract if there is a breach of terms or conditions, applying the relevant provisions of the cancellation policy in such cases.
  • Assignment or Sub-Lease:
      • The Lessee is prohibited from assigning or sub-leasing any terms, conditions, or services encapsulated within this contract without obtaining explicit written consent from The Loft At Gray Goose.
  • COVID-19 Contingency:
      • In the event that COVID-19 restrictions or some other publicly mandated health emergency necessitate the complete cancellation of the event, 90% of the contract amount will be refunded to the Lessee. Should restrictions impede attendance numbers, a prorated refund will be computed based on the initial proposed attendance relative to the restricted attendance capacity.
  • Weather and Unforeseen Circumstances:
    • No refunds will be issued in the event of cancellations or rescheduling due to adverse weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances outside of The Loft At Gray Goose’s control.

Damage/Excessive Cleanup Deposit

A damage/excessive cleanup deposit of $500.00 is required and is due 30 days prior to the event at The Loft At Gray Goose. The Loft At Gray Goose reserves the right to apply any or all of the damage deposit towards any obligations of the Lessee under this contract or any claims that The Loft At Gray Goose may have for extraordinary cleanup, damages to, or destruction of any property located in, on, or around the premises arising from the Lessee’s use of the premises or in any manner relating to the event.

  1. Cleanup Responsibility: Lessee is responsible for the cleanup of the venue, ensuring the maintenance of its competitive pricing. The venue must be returned to its original condition as it was at the commencement of the Lessee’s possession, and all items on the checkout checklist should be completed.
  2. Hourly Charges: If the venue is not restored to its initial condition or the checkout checklist is not completed, a cleaning fee of $100 per hour will be charged for the time required to restore the space. Such a cleaning fee will be deducted from the security deposit.
  3. Extra Costs: If the costs for damages or cleanup exceed the security deposit, The Loft At Gray Goose reserves the right to invoice the Lessee for additional costs incurred in returning the venue to its original condition.
  4. Deposit Refund Policy: Any remaining balance of the Lessee’s damage and excessive cleanup deposit, after deductions for necessary repairs or cleanup, will be refunded within 14 days after the event or within 14 days following the completion of repairs and/or cleanup, whichever is later. If repair and cleanup costs exceed the deposit amount, the Lessee is required to pay the additional expenses to The Loft At Gray Goose.
  5. Adjustment of Damage Deposit: The Loft At Gray Goose reserves the right to increase the required damage deposit based on the type of event at its discretion. This adjustment is to account for varying levels of risk and potential damage associated with different event types. The decision to adjust the deposit will be communicated to the Lessee in a timely manner before the event.

Date Changes & Event Specifics

Date Changes

The Loft At Gray Goose has a strict policy concerning date changes. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any requests for changing the date of a booked event. Please ensure your chosen date is final when making a reservation.


Event Specifics

  • Approval of Event Types:
      • The Loft at Gray Goose (“TLGG”) meticulously evaluates the nature and type of each proposed event to maintain the venue’s standard and reputation. Events such as raves or concerts necessitate explicit prior authorization from TLGG management to ensure alignment with our venue’s capabilities and values.
  • Reservation Discretion:
      • TLGG retains unequivocal discretion in accepting or declining reservations for particular events. This authority ensures that all hosted events resonate with the venue’s objectives, quality standards, and overall environment, fostering a conducive and reputable space for both the host and the attendees.
  • Consultation and Communication:
      • For events necessitating prior approval like raves or concerts, it’s imperative for lessees to engage in an exhaustive consultation process with TLGG management. Detailed communication involving the event’s specifics, anticipated attendees, logistical necessities, and all pivotal aspects are vital for TLGG’s comprehensive evaluation and subsequent decision-making.
  • Final Authority:
    • Upholding the integrity of the venue’s standing and quality of experiences, TLGG assumes the ultimate authority in decision-making regarding event approvals or disapprovals. This mechanism encourages lessees to furnish comprehensive event details to facilitate an informed and equitable evaluation process by TLGG.

Venue Policies and Procedures

These provisions articulate the expectations and guidelines, cultivating clarity for lessees concerning event allowances, necessary approvals, and the overarching discretion exercised by TLGG in managing event reservations and approvals.


Smoking/Vaping Policy

  • Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited within the interior of The Loft at Gray Goose (TLGG) to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests. However, a designated smoking area is provided outside of the building, located by the metal exterior staircase. Lessees and their guests are kindly asked to utilize this specific area for all smoking and vaping activities.
  • It is essential for the maintenance of our venue’s cleanliness and respect for our environment that all cigarette butts or related waste materials are properly disposed of in the receptacles provided within the designated smoking area. Non-compliance with these regulations may result in additional cleaning fees or potential forfeiture of the damage/excessive cleanup deposit. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a clean and comfortable environment at TLGG.

Pets and Service Animals Policy

  • Pet Admission:
    • Pets are welcome at The Loft at Gray Goose but necessitate prior approval from management. Ensuring alignment with venue policies and guest comfort is paramount.
  • Service Animals:
    • Service animals are admitted in adherence to ADA standards, ensuring that individuals with disabilities are accommodated effectively without necessitating prior approval.
  • Guidelines and Supervision:
    • Both pets and service animals must be kept on a leash and supervised by a designated handler to maintain safety and order within the venue premises. Lessees assume responsibility for any damage or necessary cleanup resulting from the presence of their pets or service animals.

Decoration Policy

Decorations undoubtedly enhance the ambiance of an event, and at The Loft at Gray Goose (TLGG), we encourage creativity and personalization to make the space your own. However, to maintain the integrity and beauty of our venue, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following decoration policies:

Wall Decorations

  • Decorations may be attached to the walls, but it must be ensured that they do not damage the paint or structure.
  • Please use non-damaging hanging materials, and ensure that tapes or residues are completely removed post-event.

Use of Thumbtacks, Nails, and Screws

  • Thumbtacks are permissible on the shiplap siding only.
  • The use of nails, screws, or any other permanent fasteners is strictly prohibited.
  • Damage resulting from the use of prohibited materials will be the responsibility of the lessee.

Lighting Fixtures and Elevator

  • Please refrain from attaching decorations to any lighting fixtures or the elevator in the venue.
  • We wish to maintain the functionality and aesthetics of these essential features.

Confetti, Glitter, and Similar Items

  • The use of confetti, rice, glitter, birdseed, and bubbles are not allowed inside the venue or in the surrounding exterior areas.

Flower Petals

  • Real flower petals are welcome outdoors, but please refrain from using them indoors.
  • Artificial flower petals are not allowed outdoors.

Candles and Flames

  • Candles enclosed within glass votives are allowed, ensuring they stand at least three inches above the flame.
  • A maximum of eight candles per guest table is permitted.
  • No open flames are allowed, and candles must be placed away from flammable materials.

Fireworks and Sparklers

  • Fireworks and sparklers are strictly prohibited on the premises to ensure the safety of all guests and the preservation of the venue.

General Clean-Up

  • Lessees are responsible for removing all decorations immediately after the conclusion of the event.
  • Any damages caused by the decorations or installation thereof will be deducted from the damage deposit.



  1. General Liability:
  • The Lessee agrees to accept full responsibility for any damage caused to The Loft at Gray Goose (TLGG) property during the Lessee’s occupation of the venue, arising out of or in consequence of the Lessee’s use and occupancy of the premises, excluding any damage that is caused by natural disasters or acts of God.
  1. Third-Party Liability:
  • The Lessee shall be liable for any injury or damage occurring on the premises during the term of this contract or as a result of the use of the venue by the Lessee, its agents, employees, contractors, or guests.
  1. Indemnification:
  • The Lessee shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless TLGG, its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers from any and all claims, losses, damages, actions, and charges, including court costs and attorney’s fees, arising out of or related to the Lessee’s event.
  1. Alcohol Liability:
  • If alcohol is to be served, the Lessee assumes all responsibility for compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  • The Lessee also assumes responsibility for all consequences of the alcohol consumption and agrees to hold TLGG harmless for any actions or occurrences related to alcohol consumption.
  1. Equipment and Property:
  • TLGG shall not be held responsible for any damage to or loss of personal articles or property left at the venue before, during, or after the event.
  • Equipment and property brought onto the premises by the Lessee, guests, or third-party service providers shall be at their sole risk.
  1. Safety Regulations:
  • The Lessee agrees to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of all event attendees, and to prevent any damage to TLGG property.
  • The Lessee will ensure that all event activities are conducted safely and pose no harm to attendees or the venue.
  1. Legal Compliance:
  • The Lessee shall ensure that the event complies with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, and codes of federal, state, and local governments.  In the event that legal action is necessary to enforce any provisions of this contract, the Lessee agrees to cover all reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses incurred by The Loft At Gray Goose, including all collection expenses and interest due. Any legal actions brought by either the Lessee or The Loft At Gray Goose related to this agreement must be filed in the appropriate court within Rock County, Janesville, WI.

By executing this agreement, the Lessee acknowledges and agrees to all conditions outlined in this liability and indemnification section, accepting responsibility for any liabilities arising out of the hosting of their event at TLGG.



  1. Child Supervision:
  • It is mandatory for children under the age of 16 to be under constant adult supervision while on The Loft at Gray Goose (TLGG) premises. Lessees should ensure that a responsible adult is appointed to monitor and oversee the activities of children during the event. TLGG insists on a safe environment and holds the Lessee accountable for the behavior and safety of the children present during the event.
  1. Photography and Promotions:
  • Photography, videography, and other forms of media recording are permitted within the premises of TLGG. However, specific rights and rules must be adhered to:
    • Lessees are allowed to use images and recordings for personal use and memories.
    • In cases where the Lessee intends to use such images or recordings for promotional, commercial, or public purposes, written consent from TLGG is required.
    • TLGG reserves the right to use photographs or videos taken within the premises for its promotional purposes, unless expressly prohibited in writing by the Lessee.
    • The Lessee is required to inform and obtain consent from their guests regarding this provision.
  1. Damages:
  • The Lessee is responsible for the property during the time of the lease. Any damage that occurs to the property or any equipment or fixture therein must be reported promptly to TLGG management.
  • Compensation for Damages:
    • Lessee agrees to compensate TLGG for any damages incurred during their occupancy, apart from ordinary wear and tear.
    • The cost of repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the Lessee, and the appropriate amount will be deducted from the security deposit held.
    • In the event the damages exceed the security deposit, the Lessee is liable to pay the additional amount to cover the total cost of the damages.
  1. Report of Damages:
  • The Lessee must immediately report any damage that occurs during the event to TLGG’s management for appropriate action. Unreported damages discovered post-event may result in forfeiture of the damage deposit or further charges.

Rental Confirmation:  Rental is confirmed upon receipt of a check or online deposit and signature of the rental agreement. Until payment is received and the rental agreement is signed the rental is not finalized.