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Nestled in the heart of Janesville, The Loft At Gray Goose stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and affordable luxury for all your celebratory needs. With its historical charm meticulously preserved through thoughtful renovation, our venue offers a modern yet classic backdrop for your events. The Loft boasts 5,500 square feet of flexible space with 30-foot high ceilings, embodying a harmonious blend of rustic aesthetics and contemporary amenities. Located on the top floor of the renowned Gray Goose Building, originally built in the 1840s, The Loft not only provides a captivating space but also contributes a piece of Janesville’s rich history to your special moments. Whether planning a wedding, corporate event, or any celebration, The Loft at Gray Goose provides an unrivaled atmosphere filled with character, making every event truly unforgettable.

DIY & Budget-Friendly Space: Unleash Your Creativity Without Breaking the Bank


The Loft At Gray Goose champions the uniqueness of each event and its hosts, providing a flexible canvas for your creative imagination. With our distinct DIY-friendly environment, you’re not hemmed in by rigid, costly packages that other venues might impose. Here, freedom is the key.

You’re empowered to craft an experience that genuinely reflects your personal taste, style, and budget. This autonomy allows for customization at every turn, from decor and catering to entertainment and beyond. Bring in your chosen vendors, plan out your dream layout, and set the mood with decor that speaks to your event’s spirit—all without the financial stress commonly associated with venue rentals.

Our space is designed to be as adaptable as your vision demands, making it the ideal setting for events of varied sizes and types, all while maintaining an atmosphere of affordable elegance and warmth. At The Loft At Gray Goose, your dream event can truly take flight, embodying your creativity and uniqueness without burdening your wallet.


Affordable Elegance

Experience affordable luxury with our competitively priced rental rates, designed to provide value without compromising on the elegance and uniqueness of your event.


Flexible Vendor Options

Say goodbye to vendor restrictions. At The Loft, you have the freedom to choose your preferred caterers, decorators, and other service providers, allowing for a personalized touch to your event.

Exclusive Access

Enjoy exclusive access to not only the building but also our spacious parking lot during evenings and weekends, offering convenience to you and your guests.



Transparent Rental Process

Engage in a straightforward rental experience, with a simple fee structure and a clear checklist to follow, ensuring hassle-free planning and execution of your event.

Historical Charm – Modern Amenities

The venue seamlessly melds its historical roots with modern-day amenities, providing a comfortable and charming environment that captivates every guest.


Inclusive Essentials

We provide tables and chairs for up to 130 guests, easing your planning process and reducing rental hassles and costs.


Security Measures

With key card access, surveillance cameras, and ample lighting, The Loft prioritizes your security, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience.


Personalized Experience & Cost Control

With The Loft At Gray Goose, you receive a venue that acts as a blank slate, allowing your event to be as extravagant or as minimalistic as you desire. This DIY-friendly approach not only encourages personal expression but also places you in control of your budget. By not being tied to specific, often pricey packages, you have the leeway to allocate funds where they matter most to you, ensuring a tailor-fitted experience without unnecessary expenses.

WE love a good party


Bride and Groom at The Gray Goose


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Space to host an art show for rent

Art Shows & Exhibits

The Loft’s aesthetic backdrop is ideal for showcasing artwork and installations.

Have a graduation party at our event space

Graduation Parties

Honor the graduate’s hard work and achievement with a celebration to remember.

Host a seminar at the gray goose

Seminars and Conferences

Ideal for hosting engaging seminars and conferences with comfortable seating and an accommodating atmosphere.

Holiday Parties

Celebrate the season with colleagues in a festive, comfortable, and beautifully adorned venue.

Host a retirement party with us

Retirement Parties

Honor retiring employees for their years of service and dedication in a respectful and celebratory manner.

place to host an engagement party


Celebrate the joyous announcement with close family and friends in a warm and elegant setting.


Rehearsal Dinners table set

Rehearsal Dinners

Gather with your wedding party and close family for an intimate dinner before the big day.

The perfect spot to host a baby shower


Celebrate the upcoming addition to the family in a joyful and comfortable environment.

…. AND SO MUCH MORE   – From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, The Loft At Gray Goose is versatile enough to accommodate a wide array of events, and so much more!



We Do Private Parties & Events

Your imaginative vision is the only limit to the possibilities of the unique and private events you can host at The Loft At Gray Goose!


207 N Academy St Janesville, WI 53548



(608) 561-7839

Discover The Loft At Gray Goose in Janesville, the premier venue for unforgettable weddings and diverse events, encapsulating elegance and charm for any occasion.